Advocacy? For who?

Advocacy? For who?

We’ve all heard the term or been taught about it: advocacy. It’s about speaking up when something’s wrong, or advocating for our patients’ rights. Because patients have the right to the best care available. And nurses are good at this. I’ve personally had to speak up for what I thought was not the right thing to do for a patient. I’m sure we can all relate on that.

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We’re constantly applying those words in our practice…how about applying them in our lives?

Most of the time, MDs think they’re working in the best interest of their patients. But from time to time, they need to be politely reminded that they can be wrong, that they don’t know everything. And it’s the same in every boss-to-employer relationship. We all need to be challenged in our views and opinions.

I think being a patient’s advocate is one of the skills that makes nursing a great profession… We’re kind of acting like the defender of our patients, if that makes any sense.

But, my question to you today is: who’s YOUR advocate, when it comes down to your own health?

Who’s there to say: “STOP”, or “WAIT”, or “we need to rethink that”?

Are you able to look at your own life, and say: wait a minute, this is not right!

For so long you’ve been putting your patients, your family and everyone else before you. It has taken a toll on your mental, physical and financial health. I say it’s time to speak up for yourself. It’s more than time to start making changes in your everyday life. Little changes that will have a big impact on the quality of your life. And I’m here to accompany you along the way.

Are you ready to become your own health advocate?


RN Didi

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