Heal Your Sexy back! – All Natural Back Pain Relief

Heal Your Sexy back! – All Natural Back Pain Relief

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YES I’ve had my Safe Moving Patient Course (ages ago but still)…

YES I try to remember it through EVERY SINGLE patient I move (on average 20 per day in ER)…

YES I try to sit with my back straight at work (even if sitting may happen to be only 10 minutes during the whole shift).

But I still end up with back pain when I go home. That burning sensation under my left scapula. I know you can relate. In fact, I know a lot of nurses dealing with nursing back pain. 

I can only think of all my fellow nurses who have been working for decades…I wonder how you do it. Nurses back injuries are so common that we often think it is normal.

And I’m talking about nurses here, but I know a lot of other professionals who are also suffering from

In fact, what can we all do about it? How can one maintain good back health? What are some of the best back pain treatments out there?

For nurses, I’ll spare you the “remember to position yourself correctly when positioning your patients” bla bla. I know you know that already.  And I also won’t talk about tylenol or ibuprofen. I know I’m not the only one who tries to stay away from these meds. I’m more into the natural stuff. And it has worked for me thus far.

If the back pain is really incapacitating, you should definitely consult your MD… Just a friendly reminder. He may suggest you do some imaging or to wear one of those Back Braces.

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But let’s see what we can do OUTSIDE of work…


I’m one who really believes and enjoys massages. I have one at least every three months. This is a natural pain relief that works. You should check your employee benefits, you may be surprise to find rebates on spas and massages, and more great stuff. Massages are one of the natural ways that not only helps with relaxation, but can also help diminish the body’s perception of pain, according to several studies*.
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If you are on a budget, you can also find some help in Essential Oils. You can inhale your favorite essential oil steam (adding a few drops in boiling water), run a deep soaked bath, or youcan also ask your partner to give you a nice massage with it. What I like the most about essential oils is that a little goes a long way. They are very potent, and are so small in size that they easily penetrate through our skin. Typically, one pound of essential oil of lavender can be made out of 100 pounds of lavender plant. This is just an example to show you how concentrate these oils are.

For more severed back pain, I’d suggest you see a good chiropractor. I’ve heard some good feedback from people (not only nurses) who’ve had great results with the help of certified professionals. But do make your careful research, as not all chiros are created equal.

I remember when I was taking swimming classes every Wednesday… There was something about my body being submerged under water.  Every Wednesday nights, I would be sleeping like a baby, mind-free AND pain-free. I also felt more energized the next morning when I’d wake up. I’m thinking about taking swimming classes again, to get that same feeling and release some of the back tensions I have from time to time.

These are very few of the tools that can help us to manage our chronic back pain.

Do you have any?


RN Didi



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Ferrell-Torry AT, Glick OJ. The use of therapeutic massage as a nursing intervention to modify anxiety and the perception of cancer pain. Cancer Nursing 1993; 162: 93–101

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*I’m not a doctor. Just a nurse who’s sharing what she has tried to get rid of her own aches and pain. These products have worked for me, they may not work for you. 

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