Dealing with Setbacks!

Dealing with Setbacks!

Hey guys!

I know, it’s been a while…
Let’s say I had a couple of set backs in the recent weeks, hence my MIA status on this blog.

Nonetheless, I’m back now and wanting to share my experience with you. Hopefully I can help some of you going through the same life motions.

SOoooo, as you all know, one of this blog’s purpose is to help nurses and everybody else achieving this work-life balance that we all long for. Well, as I’m still on my own quest to nirvana and I’ve recently been thinking a lot about changing nursing position.

See, the emergency RN life was cool for a while (almost 3 years), but it’s starting to take a toll on me… I salute senior emergency nurses from everywhere, who’ve accumulated 5-10-20+ years of experience. I sincerely admire you. But going into ER was never a final stop for me. I wanted to touch on acute/trauma care, see a part of this world, but I knew there would be a time where I would be looking for something else.

And don’t get me wrong, I love ER/trauma nursing. Never a dull moment. And my learning curve has gone up exponentially. I generally love the clientele, the team I work with is out of this world. It has nothing with that…

It’s the rest that has suffered…

More particularly my social life.
It’s the busy 12-hour shifts, followed by passing out in bed once at home, not having any energy left to do anything.
It’s the “I can’t go out too late Saturday night, because I’m working on Sunday”
It’s the “Oh no, sorry I can’t be there, this is the weekend I work”
Or maybe the “I know it’s Monday honey, but I’ll see you on Friday, since I’m working 4 nights shifts in a row.”
Or the “Jeez, I really thought I’d be off on New Year’s Eve this year”

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And I know a lot of you can relate.
It’s hard out there for a hospital nurse with a rotation/12-shift position.

I’ve been doing that for almost 5 years, between internal medicine and emergency. And I believe my body is begging for a break.

A break from the busy work schedule, the “I can’t spend time with my loved ones, at least not as much as I’d like to.”

A break from considering drinking water or going to pee a “luxury.”

A break from all the craziness one has to put up with when she got 2 intoxicated, annoying patients on top of all the other sick ones.

Because all of this stress adds up, I know that, as I can feel it in my brain, my back, my legs, my feet…


So I’ve been looking around and I’ve applied in a couple of clinics in the health centre I’ve worked in.

I’ve applied, got interviews and was called back for one of them, with a positive response.

I was about to start in 2 weeks when they called me back, saying I had been bumped.

From a position I had had an interview for.

Bumped from a position as a nurse clinician, with a regular 8 to 4, no weekends no holiday work.

It was like taking a candy from a little girl, nanoseconds before she actually put it in her mouth.

I have to admit, when it comes to work, I made myself a promise never to cry for anything or anyone. But once I got the news, I was really close to give in!

It was a major set back, something I considered a failure in my life.

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What you see as an obstacle can also be seen as a challenge. It’s all about perspective

It took me a couple of weeks to get over it. To tell you the truth, I’m still quite bitter about it.

But I’m optimistic about finding something else.
I know my competencies and have faith that something better is coming along.

Being optimistic about upcoming change can never hurt.

Not giving up, continuing to look up is a key to avoid being in despair. We are blessed to be in a profession where there will most likely always be positions. Sometimes, this also means to expand our searches beyond our cocoon!

I keep myself busy by studying I’m really passionate about, health coaching. So even if I were not to find anything, I will never, never have to stay in a work position that makes me unhappy.


I wanted to share my experience with you because, like I’ve said it before, there’s growing in sharing.

If you’ve had similar situation, or have recently had a major setback in your professional career/life in general, don’t be afraid to share.

And if you have tips for overcoming setbacks, we are all ears!!

RN Didi

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