When Your Feet Can’t Take it Anymore – Foot Pain Relief Remedies

When Your Feet Can’t Take it Anymore – Foot Pain Relief Remedies

After a lonnnnng 8 or 12 OR 16-hour shift, ugh your feet are killing you. I know the feeling. It might have something to do with standing up maybe 8 out of these 8-12-16 hours. It could also be due to moving constantly, or wearing inappropriate shoes while working.

I’ve seen senior nurses limping around my unit when I was working on a medical floor. Their gate were unsteady, they looked in a lot of pain. I couldn’t imagine the pain they were going through, being a new nurse on the unit. All I knew was that I was just starting and I was always feeling my feet burning in pain. It could have been as a result of bad posture, or walking for long periods of time without having the time to rest my feet. Or also from not wearing posture-friendly shoes. There are tons of reasons


I’ve seen nurses with varicose veins, edema in their lower limbs, and the list goes on and on.

Foot pain… ugh!

Last year I had all the symptoms of a plantar fascitis. A stabbing heel pain. Sometimes the pain would get so bad, I had to miss some work days. I could not stand up for long periods of times. It subsided, but I had to take action first.

You may need to see a good podiatrist to take care of this problem. As for me, I take care of my legs and feet with these leg and foot pain relief tips:

  1. Compression stocks, and now they don’t have to be boring anymore, look at these ones. These may be deductible too.
  2. When your shift is done and you’re home, elevate your legs and feet up a wall. It decreases the edema in your lower limbs and improves circulation.
  3. Avoid flat shoes like the plague. Try wearing shoes that provide good support. Personally, Crocs are my faves! They are MY foot pain relief
    Crocs are life!!…for me at least

    shoes in and out of the hospital. Crocs are specially designed to relieve foot AND back pain. Some say they are not a healthy option, because most of them do not protect the heel part of our foot. All I can say is that I personally believe in their comfort, as they helped me get rid of my pain and make 12 hour shifts less daunting. But in the end, you want to find a shoe that provides good support and suits YOU.

  4. Foot Massagers are life! After a hard working day, your feet should get pampered a bit! I’ve recently tried this Wooden Roller-Type Foot Massager, and it felt like heaven after a busy 12-hour shift. This one is made of wood, so I always use it with socks (easier to clean up too). It has two operating modes: the acupressure and the kneading modes. The acupressure (the one I like the most) uses principles of reflexology to target those pressure points and provide great foot pain relief. The kneading mode works by gently pressing your feet on the roller and roll them in opposite direction. I really feel like this tool has improved the circulation in my feet: I get less restless leg cramps and feel some tiny tingling sensation going up along my legs while using it. I also like the fact that it’s arched, so it really fits with my “feet curves.”I typically will use it twice a week, usually after 12-hour shifts, for about 5 minutes. Although my pain is very minimal when I wear my Crocs, I really enjoy the sensation this product gives me. It’s one of the great foot pain relief products there are out there. A lot of people with plantar fascitis have experience reduction in foot pain while using this simple yet effective product. And from my personal experience, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone trying to find a great foot pain relief product.

Any other tips for us? So many nurses are suffering from foot pain, help a nurse!

RN Didi




*I’m not a doctor. Just a nurse who’s sharing what she has tried to get rid of her own aches and pain. These products have worked for me, they may not work for you. 

4 thoughts on “When Your Feet Can’t Take it Anymore – Foot Pain Relief Remedies

  1. Hi Didi,

    I enjoyed reading your article on when your feet can’t take it anymore.

    I was a nursing assistant, so I know what you are talking about. I used to switch my shoes mid shift to give my feet a break.

    Now I am retired; but I have arthritis in my feet. Whenever I need to be on my feet for very long; I suffer from foot pain. That looks like a good massager. Where do you buy it?

    I like to soak my feet in warm epsom salts water or salt water. The warmth really soothes. The epsom salts gives some pain relief. The salt softens them. Then I like to put coconut oil on them and fuzzy socks. My feet love me for that TLC!

    I wear gel insoles in almost all my shoes. There isn’t enough softness in most shoes for my painful feet.

    Thanks for a great post.


    1. Hi Jeannie!

      Glad you found this post useful. I’ve had very good experience with epsom salt but I’ve never tried it for foot pain! Thanks for that great tip, I’ll definitely try this natural foot pain remedy! As for the massager, it’s from Amazon. You’ll like the gentle pressure it give to the sole of your feet… give it a try and let me know about it!!

      RN Didi

  2. Hi there Didi, I too suffer from chronic foot pain (and now, bilateral knee pain) as a result of standing too long and wearing the wrong type of shoe.

    I had myself checked at the chiropractor and found that I’ve got a flat feet. Hence, I actually need shoes with arch support. My leg muscles are also very fatigue after a days work so I’ll need to change my lower pants too.

    I ended up buying a pair of orthopedic shoe and wear compression tights (the ones that people use for marathons) at work. It’s been two months since the transition and both my legs/knee/feet are much happier than before.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      so glad you were able to find solutions to your foot pain. Foot pain can be very debilitating and affect your entire well being. It can even affect your moral, just like any chronic condition. You did the right thing by consulting an expert, who was able to guide you to recovery!

      Here’s to healthy feet!!

      thanks for stopping by and sharing your story Cathy!!

      RN Didi

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