Huh, Vacations Puh-leez!!!

Huh, Vacations Puh-leez!!!

Busy nurses generally lonnnng for one thing: VACATIONS!  Indeed, vacations are usually a time we look forward to. It’s the perfect time to forget about the madness we constantly live in at work. A time to relax, spend time with loved ones, or just go somewhere around the globe.

I personally love vacations. Who doesn’t? But I know how it can be frustrating not to get the weeks youvacation nurse tired destination sun beach really want, because your ranking sucks on the seniority list…

Wouldn’t it be perfect just to decide, spontaneously, to go to Barcelona for a week, or spend some quality time with your lover in the Fuji Islands, just because?

Nurses aren’t the only ones dealing with this issue, that’s a fact. Everybody’s looking forward to their vacations time, praying and hoping no one else will ask for the same weeks off.

I personally long for the day I’ll be able to wake up, take a sip of tea and say: “Okay honey, let’s fly to Miami, it’s way too cold in Montreal (Canada) right now!”

Is this hope far-fetched? Am I daydreaming? I don’t think so…

After being 5 years full-time in the public health care sector, I’ve learned about some of my boundaries. I’ve seen sides of myself I’ never thought existed.

One thing I learned along the way is that, although bedside nursing is great, rewarding and exciting, it can also be draining, exhausting and sucking vitality from one’s body.

Again, I’m speaking for myself, from my experience. I know this is not every bedside nurse’s reality.

nurse independent work beach vacation tired burn outSo I’ve started to look at some ways to make this “far-fetched dream of mine” attainable. I love nursing, and wouldn’t quit this path for nothing. But there are many ways one can become financially independent while being a nurses. The avenues are enormous. I just wished I had known before. This is definitely something that’s missing in nursing programs’ curriculum.

I’m exploring many routes, and will be glad to share some of them with you in future blog posts.

In the meantime, I want to know, what do you aspire to? What keeps you going everyday to work? Is it the promise of an exciting 2 week vacations in another 2 months? I hope not, as we all need to dream and aim higher. We live in an era where young folks are earning thousands of $$$, sitting in the comfort of their home; in a world where communication from continent to continent is reached with a click of the mouse… Sky is the limit!

So please share your dreams with us. And what are you doing to reach them?

RN Didi

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