If Only She’d Known… – Individual Disability Insurance

If Only She’d Known… – Individual Disability Insurance

She was a young nurse. Only 23, and the world was at her feet. She anticipated being at the disposal of sick people for a long time.

Those 5 years of studying had started to pay off. She had recently moved out of her mother’s house. She had a place on her own and she enjoyed it. Adult life was starting to settle in.

She thought about retiring in her early 50s, just like her favorite clinical preceptor had recently done. She knew she still had a very long time to go until she could do so, but she was really looking forward to being a floor nurse.

She had started her career in a small private hospital, the same in which she had her last clinical rotation. Staff was great and friendly, always helping and excited to welcome new nurses. She enjoyed working with the elderly and sick people of a medical floor. She could easily see herself becoming an expert nurse on this floor, although she was just an advanced beginner at the moment.

But she was full of enthusiasm and driven, inspired by the things she would see around her…

Little did she know her life was about to turn upside down 

It was a wet and rainy day. She had her whole day in front of her, after working two 12-hour and one 8- hour shifts, she had a couple of days off to relax….

She woke up around 10 am. She had already planned the activities of her day.
A nice hot and steamy shower, a good a hearty breakfast, and she was out the door, to run a few errands.

The road was full of potholes. And with the rain…. she very soon realized it would have been preferable to stay home. After all, these were not things that had to be done right away….
But she was already outside, on the road and she wasn’t planning on returning back…

When it happened.

Motor vehicle collision with another car in opposite direction that had aquaplaned. Her car made a few tumbles, and landed on the side way.

She must have lost consciousness for a few minutes because on her awakening, the firefighters were already at her side.

“Are you OK ma’am”?
“I think so”
“We’re gonna get you outta here”

She had to be extricated from the car. After what seemed like an eternity.
Transported in the ambulance, she was trying to put pieces together.

Things had happened so fast

Arrived in ER

The room was spinning around
Blood tests, scans and xrays
Immobilization and all that yadi yada

“Can somebody call my mom please?”
“Sure, give me her number”
“Ok, it’s-

She couldn’t remember.
She couldn’t remember her mom’s phone number.

That’s when it hit her.

Her brain must have been damaged.
She started panicking.
“Oh my God what’s happening to me?”

Couple of minutes later, the ER MD shows up
“I’m sorry, but it appears you have a bleed in the head. We’re involving the neurosurgery and the TBI (traumatic brain injury) teams to come up with the best possible plan for you. You will likely have to have another scan in 6 hours. Until then, we found your mom’s number and we’ve contacted her.  She’s on her way…

This story was followed by months and months of rehab post surgery to drain the excess blood in her brain. She also fights with constant pain in her left arm due to a healing humerus fracture. The recovery process has been dreading and painful

Months later she’ s still not able to go back to work. She has a hard time concentrating on stuff for more than 20 minutes. She’s had ups and downs but mainly downs.

Don’t misunderstand her, she is grateful to have survive.
But she would have never thought something like that could have happened to her.

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She had her whole life in front of her…

One of the things she regrets the most is not looking into her insurance policies.
Because since she wasn’t working anymore, she had to go back to her mom’s house. Because she never took a long term disability insurance.

But what is disability insurance?

A disability insurance replaces a portion of your income if you become disabled and unable to go back to work. When we’re young, we don’t really care about insurances. We just see it as another thing that’ll get money out of our pockets. If we’re a bit more cautious or informed, we might take a life insurance, but that’s it.
In fact, people tend to focus on life insurance a lot, and it makes sense. When you’re married or have kids, you want to make sure they’ll be comfortable, should something happen to you. But oftentimes, we completely dismiss the invalidity or disability insurance. But there’s nothing worse for the mind than having this feeling of being not useful and feeling like a burden to our family members.

So many young people enter into labor work without even giving disability insurance a thought. It’s not entirely their fault, there isn’t very much advertising about that. And while your financial adviser MAY touch on the subject of getting a life insurance…very seldom do they mention the disability one. But getting that kind of policy when we’re young and healthy is in fact the best move, and you may get it at a very low rate.

So it’s not something to take on lightly.
Having to recuperate from an injury is already hard in itself. You don’t want to have to worry about the financial aspect of your life too.

You should talk to your life insurance adviser about disability insurance services….or at least get going and do some research about insurances. You might have to shop around and get a few quotes here and there to get the best insurance for your needs.

You don’t want to be that person who used to have it all, and woke up one day with absolutely nothing.

Do you have a life and disability insurance?

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