Keep Calm, and Start Coloring – Adult Coloring Books

Keep Calm, and Start Coloring – Adult Coloring Books

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been into arts. I used to paint when I was young. T

One of my creations

hat interest has fluctuated over time. With my nursing full time position, arts has not been one of my priorities. But I’ve recently started to use adult coloring books as a way to relax and decompress…and it works. It’s now become one of my favorite hobbies, especially in the winter months when I can’t go out as much I’d want to.



Coloring is a great way to alleviate your stress load. It helps you free your mind, concentrating on the act of coloring itself, and forgetting about what’s happening around you.

Why is coloring good for you?

  1. You’re using both side of your brain to color. When using the left side of our brain, the logical side, we’re being analytical and rational. Coloring these adults books can surprisingly be a very mathematical process because of the geometric shapes one has to color. By filling up the shapes, you are following a very set pattern which activates your left-sided brain. The right side, however, is driven by feelings and imagination. It’s the side that awakens our creativity, our intuition and visual processes. So when you’re coloring those adult books, your brain is activated in all kind of ways.


2. It reduces anxiety: switching negative thoughts for warm and pleasant feelings through coloring has an impact on your whole body and mind.

3. Adult coloring books can help you meditate and achieve mindfulness: seizing the present moment and trying to become aware of everything that’s happening around and in you. The bird singing outside, the drop of water falling in the sink, the water shifts occurring inside your intestines. You just become focused over every little aspects of your life in a matter of seconds. Mindfulness has  been linked in studies with greater sense of well being and perceived health. What the brain believes, the brain achieves!

Coloring is so relaxing… I can get so carried away that I sometimes not see time passing by!

4. It gives you the feeling of achieving something good. Once you finish a design, you can appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in your little piece of art. The colors, the contouring, the attention to every little details… everything counts. Some people even use their drawing as home decor. After all, it’s YOUR creative piece of art, so you’re allowed to show off your work!

Your thing might be to do Sudoku, crosswords or puzzles. Whatever it is, use it as a means to relax and find inner peace. If you don’t know what to do, look at adult coloring books as an option. This is one of many healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Try it, and let me know what you think about it!

Another one I made on my spare time



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