Snacking: On What Though?? – Healthy Foods Snack

Snacking: On What Though?? – Healthy Foods Snack

Is snacking really bad for you?

Of course not! Snacking on junk food, on the other hand, is clearly wrong. But there are some healthy alternative choices, some snacks that you’re allowed to enjoy and that’ll help your body getting the nutrients it needs to achieve physical health.

I won’t lie: I used to snack on chips and chocolate bars. The worse was my addiction to sugar: a grown ass 25 years old woman who couldn’t let go of her gummy bears!

Slowly and gradually I was able to decrease my intake frequency… I swear it wasn’t easy: weaning off refined sugar is like weaning off any addiction. And I’m not kidding. I really had to put my mind into it, and focus on the potential benefits (weight loss, better skin health, etc)

So I had to replace those unhealthy snacks by good ones. Over the years, some have worked better than others, and some became my favorite ones.  In this post, I’ll share a list of healthy snack foods with you. Some options are healthier than others, as you’ll see, but trust me, they’re much better than those high-caloric, sugar/salt coated snacks!


My fave? Kilimanjaro! I was never a fan of the sweet and salty stuff. But since I tasted PPRANA - Healthy Snacks, Organic Foods & Natural Productsrana Kilimanjaro, with its bits of dark chocolates mixed with sour cranberry dried fruits, with nuts, I’m now addicted to it. It’s the perfect blend. I have to stop myself sometimes. Because, although this is a healthy choice, you still have to limit your daily portions.


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Love with Food

This monthly box is a wonderful way to discover new, GMO-free, organic healthy snacks. Whether it’s to alleviate your sweet or salty tooth, Love with Food will have what you need. I love the fact that it’s an international kind of box, so you may live in Portugal or in Australia you can still get your goodies. The gluten-free box is also great for people who watch their gluten intake or those who suffer from Celiac disease. This is something I recently learned: we should all watch  our gluten intake. Gluten is present in a lot of food. It almost acts like glue in our body, and stays stuck in our intestines. Over the years, this glue adds up and causes damage, inflammation on our bowels. If you want to prevent this damage from occurring, try to reduce or completely remove gluten from your diet. Like every new habits, it takes time to get around it, but once you find healthy gluten-free alternatives, stick to them! And to start right, you could give this box a try. It’s affordable AND what has got to be the coolest feature is the fact that, by buying boxes, you also donate meals for kids in need. That’s like the best of both worlds!


I’m in love with Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks! It’s my alternative to chips. Did you know that some chips like Doritos are full of carcinogens? This is just an example of a popular chip that I use to consume at least once every 2 week. So when I stopped taking chips, I had to replace them with something I knew would at least give me more nutrients and less calories. With its sea salt and olive oil, it’s the perfect healthy snack. They’ve got proteins and fiber. I now put a pack of seaweed in all my meals. It’s crunchy and refreshing. I just love this snack.


Non GMO Popcorn (in small amount please!)

Ok guys, I don’t want to mislead you, but I’m not perfect. This has been one of my guilty pleasures. The G.H. Cretors Popcorn is made of non-GMO corn. I can’t say it’s a 100% healthy, because pop corn is…well popcorn! But choosing among the best corn helps, right? I really love the Chicago mix. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of the most caloric and sugary from G. H Cretors. Because of that, I usually take the small snack bags and no more than twice a week. Heheh, you gotta limit the damage!

Hey, I never said this list would be perfect! But I hope giving you tips about portions and better options will help you to see that snacking isn’t so bad in and of itself, it’s what you’re snacking on that can be detrimental to your health! Please do share your favorite healthy snacks for adults with us! One can never have too many snacks in store!


Happy snacking guys!

RN Didi

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